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At BigKat, we make it more than just fitness!

BigKat Owners and Head Coaches

Chanelle McGill

Chanelle's father was in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps so she was brought up on sports from a young age, competing in athletics, cross country running and swimming at county level.

She found Thai boxing later on but picked it up quickly; after only five fights Chanelle was chosen to fight for the British squad at the World Championships in Thailand, where she earned a silver medal.

Just two years later she returned to Thailand and took home another silver medal. Chanelle then went on to win two British title belts and has competed in 26 fights.

After fighting, Chanelle became a fully qualified 12th Khan through the English Muay Thai Federation.

She has competed in various fitness challenges including:

  • P Company Challenge
  • Half Marathon
  • The Three Peaks Challenge
  • Manchester Marathon 2015

Chanelle has two children (both young ladies now!) so she understands the challanges of day-to-day living and bringing up a family whilst also trying to achieve personal goals.

Chanelle McGill

Chris Guyll

Chris started his martial arts career at the age of 14. He trained in karate for over 7 years under David Morgan Brown of the Yamabushi Dojo.

Chris was awarded his second degree black belt under the European Budokai Federation. During this time he fought on Martial Arts Illustrated circuits in freestyle sport Karate matches.

He fought at heavweight in both K1 and Thai rules in 17 fights, including the 2001 World Championships in Thailand.

Chris is also heavily involved in Sport Kettlebells:

  • Part of the OKSE committee
  • Coached by Scott McLaughlin
  • Ketacademy level 2 coach
  • Co-founder of the Grassroots Kettlebell League
  • OKSE Rank 1 with 24kg kettlebells
  • Competed at the European championships in 2016
  • Qualified for England Veterans 2016
  • Heading for the World Championships in Korea 2017
  • Trained with Russian champions Ivan Denisov, Anton Anasenko and Aleksander Khostov

His martial arts and training qualifications include:

  • Karate second degree black belt
  • Thai Boxing 12th Khan
  • CrossFit Level One Coach
Chris Guyll

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Coaches

Geoffrey Cumbus

Geoffrey Cumbus BJJ Black Belt

Geoff has been training under the teaching of Master Pedro Sauer since 2003. In addition, while living in the UK, he has trained with Professor Max Campos, head instructor at Oxford Shootfighters.

Lewis Matthews

Lewis Matthews BJJ Black Belt

Lewis started training at 16 and in his first 3 years, he fought and won two amateur MMA bouts. For the last 9 years Lewis has focused on Jiu Jitsu, and was awarded his black belt by Professor Victor Estima in December 2017.

Josh Kidd

Josh Kidd BJJ Purple Belt

Josh has an intricate understanding of both gi and no-gi grappling and has competed successfully in Jiu Jitsu and MMA. In January 2017, Josh was awarded his blue belt in BJJ by Geoffrey Cumbus.

Thomas Garratt

Thomas Garratt BJJ Blue Belt 1 stripe

Tom has trained under Paul Newby in submission wrestling for 9 years and Danny Mitchell in BJJ for 5 years. He was recently was awarded his blue belt by Geoffrey Cumbus and Lewis Matthews.

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